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Innovative Controlled Release Fertilizers


As the world’s population grows and our natural resources shrink, it is vital that we create more sustainable agricultural processes. At Ekompany, we believe in sustainable plant nutrition. One that achieves high efficiency and profitability with less environmental impact. With our line of innovative Controlled Release Fertilisers (CRF) we help agricultural and horticultural producers to grow green and grow better.

Ekompany is a Dutch-based manufacturer and supplier of coated mineral fertilisers (CRF) with sales operations in Western Europe and Far East. Since February 2016 Ekompany is part of Kingenta Ecological Engineering Group Co. ltd, a leading Chinese company specialized in the development, manufacturing and marketing of specialty fertilisers. Our team of professionals possesses the latest knowledge across the chemical, agricultural and horticultural fields and have decades of experience in designing, producing and supplying specialty fertilisers supported by the right advice.

Established in 2010, Ekompany developed a patented coating process that is clean, safe, continuous and more energy efficient than existing ones. This way we can produce intelligent Controlled Release Fertilisers that are both technologically advanced and economical for wider use in agriculture and horticulture. Learn more about our Ekote portfolio which has proven its benefits in more than 250 field trials internationally.

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